awakening and manifesting your soul's purpose.





Ignite your passion through individual coaching and mentoring programs based upon the wisdom wheel of the year.


"the hero's journey is inside you; tear off the veils and open the mystery of yourself." joseph campbell





Megan is a coach / instructor who assists you in aligning your inner spiritual life with your outer life by taking your entire being and life experiences into consideration. She helps you learn how to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within and pave a path that supports that mission.

After spending over a decade working in workforce and personal development for private and non-profits, Megan knows what tools empower and assist you in discovering buried ambitions and experience intensive healing—and it’s not mastering the newest trend or buzzword of the week. It’s how well you put in the effort, connect with your higher self and set intentions from a place of abundance.

In addition to her extensive coaching experience, Megan is a trained reiki master teacher, poet, mindful photographer, media artist, activist and has received additional training in shamanic healing methods from around the world. Megan holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies with an emphasis in psychology, humanities and social sciences from the University Washington and is currently working on a Masters degree from California State University.

SESSIONS: Awakening and Manifesting your Soul Purpose.

Through individual sessions or groups, you will clear blocks to reveal your life theme, path and purpose. We will be working with a practical earth based understanding of who you are while also learning how to increase and incorporate 5th dimensional consciousness. Lessons correspond to the energies and themes derived from the directions of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. Traditions from Indigenous cultures around the world are woven into each session. Most specifically, the Celtic, Native American, and Peruvian Lineages. You can do one session or  a package to complete the Hero's Journey.

SPECIALTIES: Personal Development, Career, Discovering your Life Purpose


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